"A heck ton of dirty fun"


Do the Dumpf



"it’s as outlandish, dissonant, and shocking as anything the band has done in the past" - BeiJing Live Music.com

Monster Vision


Round Eye's new Monster Ablum out NOW

Bold and Outrageous! But Don't belive me, check it out below!





"The video lampoons what Trump’s America would look like and frankly needs to be seen to be understood. There are no words adequate to quite describe it" - dyingscene.com

"Oh MAN this video is DARK and INSANE and NSFW and WE LOVE IT. That’s all, just watch it" - bigateover.com





New Video out!





Live Circus- Round Eye

Suntan is the official Shanghai summer jam of 2014!

A rockin' track from Round Eye, the self-proclaimed "sexiest, hairiest and loudest band in China," that also serves as a public health warning for Asian women.

Written and produced by the bands drummer, Jimmy Jack, the satirical music video was shot, directed and edited by Alessio Avezzano [Donnie Does, Monkey Kings and last years Mean Buzz music video for Pairs]. Illustrations were crafted by animator, Alex Major.

But the biggest contribution to the video comes from actress Wang Lin, famously known for her character Xue Yi (Aunt Snow) from the Chinese soap opera "Romance in the Rain" (情深深雨蒙蒙).

Wang Lin and Avan Zhen begin the video with a heartbreaking tale of trust, deception, suntans and the unbreakable bond between a mother and a daughter. Then it's straight into the, well, you'll see...

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Round Eye's debut Album realeased buy it here


下次见 Shanghai, Hello USA

Round Eye together with surf monsters Daikaiju are heading out of town for a 55 date tour. Check our Gigs page to catch us!



Don't despair...Just becauuuse it's Christmas....People they...are so gay on Christmas...All the children...on the street...hope they get something good to eat...but for us it's not so great...______________???

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